Almond Milk for Weightloss?

Is almond milk better than normal milk for weightloss? Well really there is nothing wrong with normal milk, but if you were to to try almond milk in place of regular milk you can save yourself around 100 calories per day per cup of milk, and when looking at a weightloss diet I always try to keep as many of my favourite foods as possible, the fastest way to fail at any diet is to not enjoy it.You can use it anywhere you would normally use regular milk and it’s very easy to make.Basically all you need to do to make almond milk is to soak some raw almonds in water for 8-14hours, drain the almonds and add 1 cup to your blender with 2 cups of water and blend at high speed until it turns white and the almonds have all become pulp. From here just strain through a strainer or cheesecloth or something similar (I just use a normal kitchen strainer – takes a little white as the pulp tend to block the strainer quite quickly). You can save the almond pulp to use for making cookies or anything else that calls for almond meal (haven’t tried this yet as I’m not much of a cookie person).So this is plain unsweetened almond milk, what I’ve found that works great in coffee is to add half a vanilla bean (split the bean and scrape the seeds out and add to the blender) and some stevia (a natural sweetener with no calories) before blending, this makes a great addition to coffee – tastes Great and helps with your weightloss plans.Note: If you are not on a weightloss diet try sweetening with your favourite raw honey – yummmm!On the subject of regular milk and its health properties, there are a lot of sites out there that tell you how bad cow’s milk is for your health, well I can’t say I agree with these sites in the case of those of us who’s bodies can digest cow’s milk with no problems. I’ve had milk all of my life and never had any sign of the many adverse health affects that many people claim milk causes.I can fully understand the problems for people with low tolerance to lactose or milk solids, but I have to say I’ve never had any problems all of my life drinking cow’s milk.It might seem a bit strange starting this article with the benefits of almond milk and then stating that cow’s milk is fine and causes no problems, but when you are trying to lose weight, it actually is a good idea to look at reducing your intake of cow’s milk as it does contain quite a few calories and it has been shown that sometime it can slow your metabolism (i.e. warm glass of milk before bed) down which is not preferred when trying to improve you health and losing weight.

Weight Loss Roadblocks

So you’ve been in the gym 4 or 5 times a week and are eating properly.  Things are going well and you are starting to see some solid results.  You want to keep the momentum going and stay away from “roadblocks”…the little things that can really wreak havoc in your workout program.Here’s a few roadblocks for you to watch out for.  Knowing them will help you to stay on track with your fitness & weight loss goals…1) Sugary drinks: Sodas, juices & sugar in your favorite beverages can hurt your weightloss results.  Instead, look to water.  Make sure you keep your body hydrated & drink your 8 glasses a day.  If you get dehydrated, especially when you’re working out, your body will likely retain water in places you’d rather it NOT!2) Being TOO strict with your diet: Small indulgences every once in a while are a good thing. A little reward here and there can go a long way in helping your weightloss efforts.  Just watch out for frequency and quantity.  3)Not watching portion sizes: One great way to watch portion sizes is to purchase the “one serving” 100 calorie packages.  This way, you’re not mindlessly snacking away on foods.4) Skipping breakfast is a “no-no”: Never skip this all important meal of the day.  Doing so will greatly increase your obesity risks.  Breakfast sets the tone for the day and helps to keep your metabolism chugging along.5) Not getting enough rest: You’d be surprised how many people don’t get their 8 hours of rest each night.  Also, be sure to allow your muscle groups to rest 24 to 48 hours before working it out again.  Give yourself a couple of days off each week from the gym.  Noone has to workout 7 days a week to get and stay in great shape!  It’s all the little things that will make the difference in your fitness and weightloss efforts! 

Permanent Weightloss – This Rule Works!

Nowadays people are so confused about what to eat and which exercises to do as there are so many different options out there.Lots of which state different things from the other so the problem is who is right?Well in the end I think it’s what works for you is right and it is wrong for people to waste energy speaking negativity about another diet or fitness routine.I have always tried to stay focused on what I do because I know that it works and that is the main thing. It’s all about results!So let’s get on the topic of diet and what to eat. When lots of people here the word “diet” they cringe as they know what some people have put themselves through with starvation and struggle to get the results they desire. Long lasting weightloss is a very slim chance using that poor method.I am a big one for a healthy balance in life but you still have to be disciplined and I think that is where most people slip up.So here is a quick tip for you to go by with rather than complicating things in what to eat for healthy weightloss.Let me just mention that when I say weightloss it’s all about burning fat.An Easy 1 Ingredient RuleThis has to be one of the easiest ways of eating healthy with the 1 ingredient rule. So let me quickly explain for you.Let’s say I have a bought a loaf of white bread from my local shop. Ask yourself this, how many ingredient does it take to make this bread I have bought? 6 ingredients? Maybe 8?Now try this one. I walk into my local shop and buy some fresh Broccoli. How many ingredient has been processed to make this broccoli? Yep you guessed it 1!Do you see what I mean now about the one ingredient rule? So next time you go shopping remember what I said about the 1 ingredient rule and see for yourself the difference in the way of eating for a healthier lifestyle.The important thing is to know what’s going into your food that you are eating, and by just being aware of this you will for sure surprise yourself.Reading my simple eating rule above and all the diet and fitness books is not enough for you achieving what goal you want.The most important factor which I see most people fail in is you need to take action! Otherwise it is useless information without action.

Weightloss Exercise – A Natural Way to Lose Weight

Excessive weight has become a big issue to everyone, men and women alike. Given all the unhealthy effects of fats to the human body, it is definitely not right to take this issue for granted. However, you need a good deal of effort to be successful in living away with weight problems. The primary thing you need to do is to engage in a weightloss exercise.Not only is exercise helpful in achieving weight loss, it also is beneficial in terms of decreasing the risks of heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. It can also improve the overall fitness of the body. There are different kinds of exercise you can engage yourself into so as you achieve perfectly fit body. However, the best one to consider is the one that can help you lose weight permanently.Here are a few examples of a good exercise perfect for weight loss. It is interesting that some activities can be very productive and not that much tiring as you are expecting.1. Sitting while reading and watching TV. Actually these daily activities that you think should be avoided before are more helpful in losing weight rather than sleeping or sitting quietly. This is because these activities burn up brain energy that amazingly burn up the carbohydrates and calories too.2. Light household chores like washing and dusting. Even a little thing in your lined up chores will help you burn total calories when it is done in a minimum of two to three minutes time per day. When trying to lose weight, a simple dusting could help you burn out the excess fats in the body.3. Walking. Walking is considered to be the best weightloss exercise. It burns 55 percent of fats in the body. It is a normal activity in your life but amazingly helps you out of weight problems unconsciously.4. Light jogging. This is effective in burning large energy in just a single session. However this might not be fitted for overweight individuals. It is advised for them to engage themselves first in walking, then brisk walking, until they are developed enough to perform heavier weightloss exercise like jogging.5. Running. Through running for seven minutes, every minute will help you burn 10 calories.6. Performing anaerobic exercise. This exercise for weight loss is an intense one. Along with this kind of exercise are weight training, sprinting, and the like. Since all the energy being used in this kind of exercise comes from the carbohydrates in your body, it is indeed helpful in terms of weight loss.With all these exercises, you will be given a lot of choices in terms of achieving your weight loss goals. You can choose one, which you think is best for you. Or, you can actually do them all. With these natural ways in burning the calories in your body, a good body is within your reach. No side effects involved and no extra cost as well. However, it is important to make sure that you take the weightloss exercise in moderation and in regulation to gain more effective results.

The Motivational Weightloss Program by Dr Lloyd Glauberman

It seems that every month ushers in a new kind of diet for weight loss. We see these diets on television, on magazines and online in various guises most of them advocating healthy exercise, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle changes. More often than not, most people will fail at these diets until The Motivational Weightloss Program comes into their life.No, this is not another diet pitch that provides the ways and means to attain a lean and mean body through a set of dietary guidelines and exercise program. We already have too many of these products and services in the market that may or may not be effective. In fact, you can choose the weight loss diet and exercise program that you believe will work best for your case, all while also applying the principles found in Dr. Glauberman’s work.So, the question remains: What is the The Motivational Weightloss Program? To put it simply, this is a program touching on the many psychological aspects of weight loss. This program was developed by noted psychologist and hypnotist, Lloyd Glauberman. You need not worry as there are no subliminal messages contained in any part of the program.Instead, Dr. Glauberman utilizes his revolutionary method known as Hypno Peripheral Processing (HPP) to bring about lasting changes into how the listener thinks about the subject of weight loss. There are no diet and exercise plans in the The Motivational Weightloss Program since Dr. Glauberman wants to break down the mental barriers that prevent anybody from actually adopting the weight loss programs proposed by health and fitness experts.Think of the Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s program as an important adjunct therapy to your weight loss treatment. While your body undergoes the desired changes in size, shape and girth through a healthy diet and exercise program, your mind also undergoes a series of welcome changes wherein you can stick to your healthy lifestyle. If you have ever gone on yo-yo diets, backslid into overeating and reverted to being a couch potato, it may have been largely because your mind was unprepared for these physical changes.This is where The Motivational Weightloss Program comes in. Slowly but surely, you will condition your mind to accept the physical changes being made until such time that whatever lifestyle changes are required in your weight loss program becomes second nature for you. For example, if the lifestyle changes say that you have to eat less, listening to the CD will condition your mind to actually eat less.Indeed, so many people fail in their weight loss efforts because of their exclusive concentration on what the body needs and then pandering to it. The mind is then woefully and wrongfully overlooked, which should not be as weight loss is so often a matter of mind over body. So, if your weight loss plans are not going as expected, we suggest listening to the The Motivational Weightloss Program today.

Cardio – Tap Into Your Fat Stores and Start Burning Some Fat!

Note: This is for those who want to shed some excess pounds.Just a quick something I wanted to share as I believe that many people still struggle with weightloss even after adding in lotsa cardio to their exercise routine. Of course, any carefully planned out weightloss plan that involves cardio + calorie reduction will result in weightloss, but there are ways that we can actually enhance this process and burn more bodyfat instead. Personally, my body responds better when I practice the following.We all want to burn fat when we exercise, right? But what if I told you that your body’s preferred energy source is not fat, but glycogen? (Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles and releases glucose (sugar) into the blood when your body needs the energy. Glycogen is the PRIMARY SOURCE of stored fuel in the body). So how do you use your cardio more for burning fat rather than burning glycogen?The trick is, if you really want your body to tap more into your fat stores instead of glycogen for energy during your cardio, get your cardio first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, or right after weight training.The reason?Cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will tap more into your bodyfat as your body is pretty much in a ‘starved’ state since you slept all night without any food. And weight training uses up stored glycogen so your body is forced to rely on stored fat for energy when you get your cardio. Just remember that even though FAT is your body’s way of storing energy, it is NOT your body’s preferred fuel source. Your body will always opt for the readily available glycogen stores when available.You gotta ‘force’ your body to really dig into its energy stores. Yeah it sounds crazy.. but give it a shot.. it works for me. A 15 minute warmup on a cardio machine before weight training is fine… but I wouldnt go all out and exhaust myself on cardio before I hit the weights. Save that for a more suitable time.Burn, Baby! Burn!

Vegan Weightloss – Lose Weight In Only One Step

When I first contemplated this weight loss method I was asked by a few of my friends – “What exactly is vegan weightloss? Is it just an extreme vegetarian plan?” Well, if you are a practising vegan, you’ll reel at this blatant ignorance but for the rest of us a vegan is defined as follows – “Veganism – The practice of eating neither meat nor other animal products, such as fish, milk and milk products, eggs, and honey; A way of life which strictly avoids use of any kind of animal products and services that are based on exploitation of animals.”This means that as a vegan, you would not eat any animal or anything that is produced from its body. Now, although the fundamentals of veganism are built on rejecting animal cruelty and the exploitation of their resources, the indirect benefits of this type of diet are huge if practised correctly. In fact, recent and ongoing studies have proven that if you just became a vegan and did nothing else, you would lose weight. It’s really that simple. In fact, if you just became a normal vegetarian you would shed pounds – however, the vegan approach achieves faster and longer lasting results which is probably fair because it is definitely a stricter eating regime. However, I do happen to have some vegan friends and when probed their advice is this –
There is some seriously delicious vegan recipes out there (I have tried them as a meat eater and I was very surprised at how many new flavours I experienced.)
Eating a vegan diet DEFINITELY helps to keep you thin or at least to lose extra weight that you have.
You will notice your energy rise and your skin will become clearer and more youthful.
If you know of a vegan or vegetarian that looks like he/she could use a good steak, then it’s NOT being practised correctly and in the right amounts. A healthy vegan knows what foods to eat and feels incredible on a daily basis.
Vegan weightloss is more achievable and more permanent than most if not all diet plans out there.Now, let’s just say that a life without animals products may not be easy, especially if, like me, most of your habitual eating habits are based on meat and milk products from early childhood. If it was that easy, our animals would be free to live in the way they were designed and we’d all be skinny marathon runners. For this reason my blog title – “Lose Weight In Only One Step” is slightly misleading since although it IS in fact just one decision and one step, it takes commitment and lifestyle changes that are only for the determined. However, I may be able to motivate you if you are willing to give it a try.

WeightLoss – OMG – I’ve Hit A Plateau!

So your into the second or third month into your program and you’ve been following the plan rigidly, ok, so you may have skipped a few meals or over indulged a couple of takeaway days, but on the whole your exercising routine has been stable. So why are you not losing the weight? A couple of answers here for you: a) your body has gotten used to the level of calories and exercise and energy levels needed on a day to day basis.b) your not drinking enough water – water is really important for weight loss, it helps to break down fat, and also to get rid of toxins in the body from exercise and from pollution.c) your not eating the right amount of calories – as you lose weight, you need to adjust the number of calories you need.So how do you get over this plataeu?Well every third to fourth week you should be changing your diet program or exercise program either eat less and do more exercise, or do more exercise and eat at different times, different levels of calories. This will confuse the body, and will release more energy (fat) as it needs it, then the weight will start to come off. Consult with your nutritionist or GP for further advise on this.Drink lots and lots of water where possible, as this helps on a number of different levels. The body is made up of 90% water, and therefore it is an essential ingredient for us. Not only does it help with cleansing the digestive system and the blood, it improves circulation of the blood, increases our oxygen intake and breaksdown fat in the body and flushes it out…A fateful error of most dieters is to remain on the same level of calories all the way throughout their diet plan.What you have to remember is when you begin to lose weight, you have to adjust the number of calories you ingest. I would say on a monthly basis, this needs to happen. Refer to your nutritionist for further advise on how far to adjust your calorie intake.Also important is to put more exercise into your routine whenever you hit a plateau, this will kick start the old fat reserves and produce more energy which will not only take off the inches and pounds but give you more vigour and energy also.To your weightloss success…Colette Morris SAC Dipl. (Diet &Nutrition)

Oxyelite Pro – The New Weightloss Supplement

Due to the overwhelming amount of overweight people in the US, and all over the world, fat loss and fat burning supplements have become very popular.Many of these supplements do nothing more than a soda with caffeine might do for you, and sometimes they don’t even do that. One of the latest supplements to hit the market is called OxyElite Pro.Unlike some of the other fat burners, OxyElite Pro does not cause you to burn muscle while you’re taking it, which is important since retaining muscle mass is a sure way to help you burn more fat while you are resting. Reviews have come in all over the internet stating how OEP is great in its steady way of keeping the mood elevated while adding a constant flow of energy to the body. It also has a thermogenic effect, a slight warming of the body temperature which also helps to lose fat.Many fat burners have a tendency to lose their effect after a few days or weeks, leaving the person who is using them with a nearly full bottle of pills, powders, or liquids that are no longer working. They would have to “cycle off” of their fat burners for days or weeks, in order for their body to not be used to their fat burners anymore. OEP continues to work after weeks of use, never allowing the body to become accustomed to it’s properties. This makes it an excellent choice for both long term and short term fat loss goals.

How I Improved My Weightloss With Kickboxing Combinations

As you read this, imagine how it feels to lose 20 pounds.
My clothes no longer fit, and I got a whole new wardrobe. I
have tremendous energy compared to how I used to feel. In
the middle of the day I don’t feel like I need a nap. I
sleep less but much more soundly. I feel so lucky to have
walked into my gym 4 months ago.Practicing martial arts has changed my body and my entire
life. I had let work and stress take its toll. I had way
too much body fat and my doctor told me every year I was
losing 2-3 pounds of muscle from sitting at a desk and
never exercising. I started slow doing cross-trainingI took a little bit of karate, and found kickboxing to be
what I really enjoyed right off the bat. My cardio went
through the roof and the pounds of blubber started to
drop when I began a style of aerobic kickboxing that did
a lot of kickboxing combinations. Imagine how much energy
it takes to throw a 4 punch combination followed by a kick.
You can practically feel the calories being incinerated!For those people who know and care about who need to lose
weight or get in shape, encourage them to check out martial
arts. I had a membership at a traditional workout gym. It
was stuffed with little skinny chicks reading a magazine as
they did 4 inch reps on the stairmaster. There were guys
in their forties walking around in pyjama-style pants and
tank tops from the eighties. They’d crank out 10 reps of
curls with terrible form, then go to the mirror and flex
their guns and spread their lats. Oh boy what fun to hang
around that place.I find the dojo has a much more inclusive atmosphere. At
the health club no body spoke. I’d walk the treadmill and
stare at the tv screen with the rest of the bored sheep,
counting the minutes until we could leave. Not at the
martial arts gym. Teamwork, comraderie, and support is
everywhere. My motivation to train is higher than I can
ever remember. It’s made all the difference!