Jon Gabriel Weightloss Method – How Does it Work?

As written about in his book, the Jon Gabriel Method is a way of losing weight that does not involve dieting. This method is regarded by many as one of the most revolutionary new ways of losing weight.The Method originated from Jon Gabriel’s own experiences and struggles with serious weight problems. He began having major weight problems in 1990 and kept putting on more, without any good reason for it.Gabriel attempted numerous methods to lose the weight he had been gaining, but none of them worked. In fact, it seemed that the harder he tried to lose the weight, the more he gained. His problems became so bad that he was ultimately considered morbidly obese, weighing in at 400 pounds (182 kilos.)Jon Gabriel was scheduled to take a flight on September 11, 2001, aboard hijacked flight 93. He missed that trip, and came to the realization that life was about so much more.As a result, he decided that he would no longer waste his life, instead using the education and skills he had to start living the life he truly deserved. He began by eliminating the reasons he was overweight. After that, the weight began to come off.The Jon Gabriel Method states that each and every one of us has an internal mechanism that determines whether we are thin or fat. By understanding how this mechanism works, it is possible to lose weight without the usual struggles of dieting and surgery. Essentially, by reaching this understanding, your body can eventually attain the thinness that it wants.Once your body understands internally that it wants to become thin, losing weight becomes second nature, no longer coming at the cost of great struggle. Instead, your body casts off the excess weight without any effort at all.At this point, you’ll be losing weight like you never have before. No longer must you struggle to overcome cravings for unhealthy foods. In contrast, you’ll find that you instead want foods that are good and healthy for you. Meanwhile, your metabolism begins to work much more quickly, and that combined with healthier food results in much faster weight loss.

Natural Weight Loss Methods Versus Unnatural Weight Loss Methods

When is it the time to stop using natural weight loss methods and start using unnatural ones? This is a question primarily asked by people suffering from obesity, and one that requires a great deal of thought prior.Obesity in adults is something that can do damage to more than just your self-esteem. As a result of being considerably overweight, much more strain is placed on your joints, particularly at the knee.Generally, your breathing becomes shallower, having to work harder to draw in the large amounts of oxygen required for simple tasks such as walking across the road or climbing a flight of stairs.In addition, being obese puts you at an increased risk of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, to name a few. If you are female, the risk increases yet again with infertility, breast cancer, and endometrium cancer being just a few of the diseases that you might suffer from as a result of being overweight.Obese people tend to have great difficulty sticking to natural weight loss methods as, for the first few weeks ‘ or even months ‘ any weight lost tends not to make a visible difference to their appearance.Concerning appearance, which is the least important health-wise but the most important to the ego, most overweight people have great difficulty locating clothes that fit well, without having to go to a tailor. It becomes tiresome to constantly try clothes on that do not fit well or are tight, and soul-destroying.Some of the different types of diets that over weight people have been recommended ‘ which are those aimed specifically at losing weight very quickly ‘ include ones used on obese patients awaiting surgery.Such diets consist of mostly of water and vegetables, so reduce the calorie intake significantly without risking dehydration. Other natural weightloss methods include concentrated green tea drops, food combining, and the blood group diet, all of which rely on speeding up your metabolism.Ultimately, in order to encourage natural weight loss, you need a faster metabolism. To do this, you need to eat little and often, lots of fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.Should you no longer believe that natural weight loss methods are worthwhile, then the alternative, of unnatural weightloss methods, can be considered. Some of these include diet pills to suppress hunger, the insertion of a gastric balloon, having your stomach stapled, and liposuction, amongst others.Whilst these may seem like a way to solve the problem of obesity, they do not guarantee you will enjoy a consistent weight loss, unless your eating habits change permanently.Unfortunately, most people suffering from obesity do not follow natural weightloss methods because they find them too difficult. It is far easier to try to ignore the problem, or eat something sweet or high in fat, and far more expensive to switch entirely to the healthy option of regular fresh fruit and salad daily.If you feel your weight is becoming a problem and you no longer have control over how much or what you eat, then it is advisable to see a nutritionist or a doctor. Sometimes, excessive eating can be due to an underlying problem and other times, it can simply be from habit.Invariably, it is important to ascertain the reason behind the obesity before you embark upon any natural weight – loss programs.

Shapewear – Weightloss Facts For Women

Shapewear can help hide those hard to lose pounds that are still hanging on. If you are tired of the endless dieting and working out, trying to drop that last five pounds, you may want to consider shapewear. Hard work, a well balanced diet, and exercise can be very effective when you want to drop weight. However, everyone finds it very hard to lose the last couple of pounds. This is even more true, if you lost weight fast with the help of a supplement or weight loss clinic.For some reason, those few inches are the ones that make the biggest difference in your appearance. Shap-ewear will not burn off the weight, but it will help you enjoy your hard work sooner. Shapewear can instantly give you a tight, toned look inches before you hit your target size. This will let you start planning for success and begin replacing your wardrobe now. Then when you lose those last few inches, your closet will be prepared. So will everyone around you.I know, you’re thinking, “I won’t wear some giant girdle”. I wouldn’t either. Don’t worry Shapewear has come a long way. The large thick contraption in grandma’s closet isn’t the only way to add shape and definition. Now, thanks to spandex, the girdles of today are thin, easy to put on, and fold up as small as a pair of underwear. Just slip them on like any other undergarment. The shapewear does all of the work.Everyone’s body is different. Some people lose the weight in their belly fastest. Other’s loose inches on their thighs right away. Some can drop all of their weight, but take longer to lose that last bit of weight in their arms. Regardless of your trouble areas, shapewear will help even out your appearance.

Can You Really Lose Weight With Weightloss Diet Pills?

When you are overweight and particularly if you are well overweight, you would have been tempted at some stage of your life to try that “miracle cure” to help you lose weight. The internet is absolutely full of offers from various sources for you to get your hands on that “miracle cure.” That’s all well and good but do products like weightloss diet pills really work? If you listen to the advertisers they do, but common sense tells us that in life there are no quick fixes for anything let alone weight loss.There is no doubt that there are some weightloss diet pills that can assist in the weight loss process but a much safer approach is to use products like this in moderation and in conjunction with a well balanced healthy diet AND an appropriate exercise program.If you are contemplating the use of weightloss diet pills, then a safe approach would be to discuss the situation with your family doctor. If you had a particular product in mind (and there are literally 100’s to choose from), take the details of the product with you to the doctor so he is able to look at what you are considering and give you an informed opinion.Many of these weightloss diet pills make some outlandish promises such as – lose weight immediately or lose weight without effort. You need to keep an open mind about these sorts of claims and if you are serious about taking weightloss diet pills make sure you are buying a reputable brand and take the advertisers claims for what they are – advertising gimmicks. It is also a good idea to do your own research and look at product reviews when deciding which brand you should use. Independent reviews from customers would be better to go on rather than listen to the hype of the manufacturers. Places such as online forums, bulletin boards and chat rooms can be very helpful in helping you to make up your mind.As mentioned earlier, you really should be looking at your overall lifestyle before spending your money on weightloss diet pills and the like. Weight is an issue for lots of people so you are not on your own. There are examples of many people who have been able to turn their lives around by adopting a healthy diet and increasing their exercise activity. Why can’t you? Sometimes, the easy option is tempting but for long term sustainability, have an honest look at what you are eating and what exercise you are doing to burn of the food that you are consuming.There is no doubt that many people are looking for the easy (and sometimes costly) option to weight loss. Evidence tells us that there aren’t really any quick fixes and that you should be looking at something that is sustainable throughout your life. The idea of weightloss diets pills is attractive, but realistically, the proven path is what you should be exploring – more exercise and a proper healthy eating plan.

Hypnosis For Weightloss

Are you on a diet? If so, then you are probably beset with constant thoughts of food. You undoubtedly seek desperately for some sort of distraction, something that will take your mind off your empty stomach. Because all dieters experience this stress, this pull toward what they need to avoid, more and more people have tried using hypnosis for weightloss.In order to avoid constantly having to diet, you must learn to improve the nature of the food you eat. Hypnosis can help you to rethink your food choices. If you use hypnosis for weightloss, then you will find that you can think of toast and cereal as a satisfying breakfast. You can easily replace a burger lunch with a salad. You will find yourself preferring rice or pasta dishes to meat and potatoes. You see, being overweight is a result of overeating, and once you get some help to change your attitude to food and eating you will not feel the need to overeat.Hypnosis can help deal with overeatingHypnosis can help you, a former overeater, to deal with that most prevalent and hard-to-control habitat snacking. Hypnosis destroys the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods – often these unhealthy foods contain too much sugar, salt and hydrogenated fat. Not only do these increase your weight, but they will make you unhealthy.If you are willing to use hypnosis for weightloss, then you will change the frequency and nature of your snacks. You will snack less often, and when you do snack, you will content yourself with some fresh fruit and water.Hypnosis offers you, the overeater, and one further benefit. Hypnosis helps you to deal with the bombardment of suggestions that you should want to super size the portions on your plate (or in the bag that you get at some fast-food place). Hypnosis can help you to convince yourself that you are satisfied with smaller portions. Hypnosis can prevent you from sabotaging your body by returning again and again to the offer of a free refill.Although you cannot end the super sizing phenomenon, you can use hypnosis to deal with its existence. You can use hypnosis for weightloss. You can cause yourself to have a greater respect for the human body and to monitor more closely, what you put in yours. Give it a try, and then look in the mirror. You will be delighted with your decision to use hypnosis for weightloss.

WeightLoss Solution – 3 Secret Tips to Keeping Slim Forever

After hearing all the weight loss horror stories it’s enough to discourage you from even trying to lose the pounds,and will also make you think that losing pounds and keeping it off is next to impossible. But it all depends on the diet plan that you use. Most diets work only for the short term. The question is how do you keep it off for the long term ? Any effective diet program should be treated as a long term venture in order to be successful. In this article we will list 3 secret weapons that will allow you to keep your body slim forever.Secret Tip #1 (Drink More Water)  Drinking enough water is one of the most important things that you can do to lose weight and to keep it off permanently. Often times our thirst signals are mistaken for hunger signals, causing us to eat more when our body is actually asking for water. Our body needs plenty of water to; maintain its daily functions properly, flush out harmful toxins, regulate our temperature, lubricate our joints, transport nutrients.digest foods, and remove waste materials.Secret Tip #2 (Cleaning The Colon)   Having a thorough cleansing of your colon is beneficial in more ways than one. A clean colon is good for the overall performance of your entire body. For example a clean colon will give you better digestion, decreases your chances of diseases, will improve your regularity, and help with weight loss.Secret Tip #3  Using  Triple Fat BurnersWhen using fat burners like Green Tea Extract, Hoodia Gordonii, and Chitosan you will attack the problem area’s were fat is normally stored (the belly, the hips, and the thighs ) And not only do they attack the fat, it will permanently keep the weight off.

Pros and Cons About a New Diet Pill

Okay, the disclaimer first. I don’t much believe in diet pills, and the Alli diet pill is no exception.That being said, I truly tried to review the available info on the new FDA approved weightloss product from GlaxoSmithKline. Considering my already biased opinion on the subject, I decided to adopt the approach of offering pros and cons about the new diet pill and letting readers judge for themselves.It didn’t work!Here’s the problem…well, let me tell you the pro’s first.1. It is available over the counter without a prescription.2. Alli is an FDA approved nonprescription dosage of the well known fat loss pill, Xenical3. It does block absorption of some fats4. It can be used to help some people lose a small amount of weight5. It apparently works best if you are exercising regularly but have a lot of fat in your diet6. GlaxoSmithKline stock should go up because the diet pill market is huge and this stuff is flying off the shelves in some areas.Now, I tried to be fair, but I am sure you have already noticed a slightly unimpressed tone to the “positive” statements I listed above. Sorry, couldn’t help it.Here’s the negative side.1. The average weight loss with the Alli diet pill, which sells for about $59.95 a bottle, is about 1 pound a month.You could cut one sugar-sweetened soda a day and lose about the same amount while saving $30.00 or more depending on where you buy your sodas…or donuts…or double cheese hamburgers.2. If used with healthy eating habits and exercise (the basic core of any healthy weight loss program) it CAN increase weightloss by three pounds or so for each five pounds lost by the exercise and healthy eating.If you are losing five pounds a month with exercise and healthy eating, you probably DON’T NEED a diet pill that does strange things to your body. More on that in a minute.3. It works by blocking the absorption of fat. Three points here:–If you are already eating a low fat diet, there won’t be much for it to do, hence, it won’t do much for you.–Dietary fat is necessary for the absorption of certain vitamins vital to health. While the evidence is still out, there is some concern that blocking the fat may expose the user to health threatening vitamin deficiencies.–Omega 3 fatty acids (good for your heart) are blocked as well (bad for your heart).4. It works only WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO TAKE IT.When people quit taking the pill, they tended to gain back whatever weight they had lost. Simple! There was no lifestyle change involved. When you quit taking the pill and you haven’t changed your exercise or eating habits, your body will go back to the way it was before. In other words, GlaxoSmithKline has you at $59.95 a pop for the rest of your life…unless you want to take a brisk 20 minute walk every day or so…which is free.5. Its possible side effects are really interesting…if you’re into that sort of stuff!Let’s keep it simple. If you decide to take this drug, you might want to purchase some more underwear or Depends diapers for adults. In other words, side effects include excessive flatulence, oily bowel movements which can be difficult to control, and anal leakage.My personal thoughts on the Alli diet pill are that it is a move by some big pharmaceutical companies to get their share of a HUGE market in over the counter weight loss products. It can help, but it is probably not worth the money.

Is Fasting A Good Idea?

Another female on another diet, yada, yada, yada… But does fasting work as a tool for weightloss?We females need calories, protein, iron and calcium, it has been like that since the dawn of time. But depending on our age we may need more of one than another, especially at given points throughout our lives. Fasting, especially for a female during adolescence can prove disastrous for a long and healthy life and will not contribute to healthy, sustainable weightloss.We need protein, vitamins and minerals 24 hours a day, so under no circumstance would I ever suggest that fasting would be or could be good for you. Of course though, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, so recommend that if you are considering fasting or for that matter trying any diet, always consult a professional first.What fasting actually does though, is trick the mind and body into thinking that some kind of famine or starvation is occurring, so your natural survival instinct kicks in and slows your metabolism. In turn your body then burns fewer calories so that you will survive on your reserves of stored fat.Think about this though for a minute… ‘your body burns fewer calories’, well as we know, the key to weightloss is burning calories. So what your body is actually trying to do is keep its equilibrium. If are thinking or considering fasting for weightloss, then do not do it! You will be at odds with your own body, it just doesn’t make sense..It has been reported in many cases lower your blood pressure, lower your body temperature and you may feel as though your tongue is ‘coated’. The blood pressure and body temperature lowering is great if you need them lowering but in many cases it can be very dangerous.It is also said by some quarters that fasting is ‘therapeutic’, all I know is that if a human being doesn’t consume enough calories on a regular basis, enough that is, to sustain essential body functions e.g. (the heart beating, the lungs breathing etc), the body will then start to draw on its own reserves to provide the energy it requires. This is when the brain does not distinguish between fat or muscle, it just takes what it needs from wherever it can get it.Of course some religious beliefs promote a period of fasting, sometimes up to several days. If this is the case for you then just make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.In a nutshell, my opinion is…. if you ARE going to fast, only do it for a maximum of 24 hours, then eat healthily for another 48 before fasting again, in my opinion that is the way to keep a you in top condition.The old saying goes ‘everything in moderation’ well, I agree, a balanced sensible way of looking after our bodies is the way to go whatever your age and current state of health.

Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss – 3 Do’s and Don’t’s of Effortless Weightloss

Subliminal messages for weight loss allow you to use the full power of your mind to lose weight. Your mind is like an iceberg, the conscious is the 10% above water. The subconscious is the powerful structure underneath the surface. Your effort to lose weight is only the tip of the iceberg, the restless struggle against the bottom of the iceberg is what tires most people out. Imagine how fast and easily you could lose weight if the rest of the 90% of your mind (which works effortlessly) worked on losing weight also. Subliminal messages for weight loss can turn your subconscious into a steam engine for losing weight. The best part of using your subconscious to lose weight is that its effortless! Getting your subconscious on board with your goal of weight loss is like taking a jet to a lean and healthy you. To get it on board then follow these do’s and don’t’s of subliminal weight loss.How to use these types of CD’s for weight loss1. DO use subliminal message CD’s everyday.
If you want your subconscious mind to work on losing weight like a song stuck in your head then you have to use the CD’s regularly (and don’t worry, nothing is going to be stuck in your head). Listening to them everyday will give your conscious mind the subconscious resources to lose weight fast. 2. DO your part (about 10% of the job)
You must do your part in losing weight. That means you should learn what foods to eat and not eat. Gaining this knowledge will incredibly boost the usefulness of the subliminal messages. Make sure to exercise regularly, at least 3-5 times a week (check with the doctor first).3. DO only picture yourself the way you want to look
Hypnotists and Neuro-Linguistic Programming experts agree that mental images are the language of the subconscious. Picturing yourself the way you want to be, as well as feeling good about that image will tell your subconscious to follow the subliminal messages for weight loss. How to not have results1. DON’T use subliminal CD’s without conscious effort
Listening to these CD’s will get you results extremely fast only if you are making a conscious effort to reach your goal already. If you make no effort at all then your subconscious will not respond well.2. DON’T eat everything in sight
The subconscious is incredible! If you use subliminal messages to tell your subconscious to lose weight then it will subconsciously guide you to better food choices. Consciously try to eat good whole foods rather than junk food. Always maintain your original conscious effort to lose weight, this will also boost the effectiveness of the subliminal messages.3. DON’T stop listen the CD’s a couple times then quit
Don’t give up on your goal of losing weight. Likewise, don’t give up on using the CD’s. There are many battles in the war for your weight loss, giving up on using your subliminal CD’s is like giving up battles in the war. Keep going, you will get there a lot faster than without using subliminal messages for weight loss. Start using your subliminal message CD’s now and everyday to reach your goals.

Does Water Fasting Weight Loss Work?

In case you’re wondering if water fasting weight loss works then you have come to the right place. Thing is, that there are both pros and cons to losing weight by the method of water fasting.Water fasting also goes by the name of detoxification and hence losing weight by water fasting is a very effective method to detoxify your body. The process of water fasting involves drinking a lot of water while not eating any regular food for several consecutive days. While this is a “hard core” version of water fasting; it is not recommended for a newbie. In case you’re water fasting for the first time then you can also drink fruit juices along with water. Since you are only drinking fluids during detoxification, the focus of your body will shift away from digesting food and hence the elimination of accumulated waste inside your body will begin in a smooth way. So in a sense, detoxification is an excellent method to overhaul and fine tune your system.In addition to general internal cleansing of body, water fasting can also aid in losing body weight. The major source of energy in our body is glucose which is what we get from every single food item that we eat. Glucose is a form of sugar and it is converted into glycogen after the digestion of food. This glycogen is then stored in our body as fat. During water fasting, this fat starts burning since the body is not getting any additional fat from outside. Hence, within the first few days of water fasting, our body will start burning the internal fat reserves which are responsible for additional weight. Although this method of weight loss by water fasting has been in practice since time immemorial, recent studies have revealed that there are certain limitations to this method.The initial detoxification and internal cleansing of the body are very important and must be done at least once every year so as to “tune up” your system. But if done for more than four days, the metabolic rate of your body begins to slow down. This is because your body will then start behaving in its natural tendency to store fat. In other words, your body will slip into “survival mode” and hence will burn less or no fat. Moreover, once you return back to your normal diet, your body will start gaining all the lost fat as a natural reaction to “replenish” all the fat starved cells in this “survival mode”. Hence, it is conceivable that you may actually gain weight once done with water fasting.However, this does not mean that Water Fasting Weight Loss doesn’t work. The key is to not overdo things. Fast as long as you can without punishing your body. Remember, excess of anything is bad and Water Fasting Weight Loss is no exception to this. Our bodies are approximately 85 percent water and hence it’s a very vital element for our survival. If done correctly, then water fasting will take your energy to new levels and you will feel vitalized and refreshed throughout the day.

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