The Top 5 Fat Burning Foods For Faster Weightloss

A good diet & exercise is always going to be the most powerful way to lose weight but certain foods encourage the body to burn fat faster. If you want to lose weight it would be worthwhile for you to know what they are. We’ve listed the top 5 for you.#1 Eggs (and more specifically egg yolks):All the egg nutrients except for the protein are in the yolk and an egg is one of the most complete foods you can eat. If you have eggs for breakfast you will feel less hungry for the rest of the day.  Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which is key to helping your body break down and burn fat. Try and pick free range eggs from pasture fed chickens as they are a good source of omega-3 fats.#2 Oatmeal:Oatmeal is rich in soluble fibre. This assists in flushing bad digestive acids out of your system and thus lowers cholesterol.#3 Low fat milk and natural yogurt:Studies have shown that women who eat low fat dairy products 3 to 4 times a day lose 70% more fat than those that consume a low amount of dairy. The fat breakdown in cells is likely to be caused by the calcium, protein and the amino acid leucine that is found in these foods.Lets pause here quickly and note that our top 3 fat burning foods can be eaten right at the start of the day for breakfast!  An excellent way to start your day with the goal of maximizing fat loss. On to number 4…#4 Avocados:Avocados are often thought of as a “fatty food” – maybe so but they contain all healthy fats! Avocado is super-high in mono-unsaturated fat, but also power-packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Guacamole (mashed avocados with garlic, onion, tomato, pepper) is one of the best toppings created full of fat burning potential. Add it to any meal throughout the day.#5 WalnutsAll nuts are good but walnuts are one of the few plant sources of omega-3 fats crucial to health.  One reason for nuts being good fat burners is that not all of the energy in them can be broken down but they are filling thus helping you to eat less.Good ways to integrate these foods into your diet to increase fat loss:
Try and add these foods and their variations to each of your meals.  Fortunately you have plenty of scope.  For example eggs can be eaten in a number of different ways and for all meals: Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, omelette, poached etc.
These foods can also make up excellent  snacks for example the avocadoes and walnuts.
Look for related foods e.g. Tomoatoes, Almonds, Cashew Nuts that you can also include.
We’ve found an excellent diet that takes advantage of fat burning foods.  Most people have great success with it and also enjoy cooking the different recipes.

Bodybugg Weightloss Review

BodyBugg is Changing the Way We DietThanks to the BodyBugg, the realm of diet and fitness has now combined with the internet. BodyBugg is a device that you wear on your wrist to track the calories that you have burned. But, unlike other “calorie counters” BodyBugg provides with online support to aid in achieving your goals.  This means if you are looking to get in shape you can look to your PC for the help needed to stay on the right track and meet all your goals. For some, the BodyBugg is like having a personal trainer in their home…24/7!If you are someone looking to lose weight then you are not alone.  Millions upon millions of people are perpetually looking for a way to shed excess fat from their body frame.  Since different people will have different genetics and weight loss goals, there is no way to standardize any type of diet and exercise program that will work for everyone. Conversely, there is no single piece of exercise equipment that will work for everyone as well. This leads to constant developments and innovations in the weight loss field. Some of the products that are created in the process are worthwhile and other less so. The BodyBugg, however, definitely falls into the category of quality health and fitness products.But, what exactly is the BodyBugg and how does it work? Essentially, BodyBugg provides a plan designed to help you burn more calories than you ingest. This is what will lead to stored fat being burned and used for energy. Now, most people already realize this but they are not able to stay on track with their goals and, as a result, do not reach them. With BodyBugg, you will be provided with diet and nutrition software that will help you keep track of how much you are burning per day. And, best of all, you will access to BodyBugg’s family of motivational weight loss coaches who will help you reach your goals. With your purchase of BodyBugg, you will be able to speak one-on-one with a personal trainer via phone to work out your specific goals and concerns. And, of course, you will have access to your private online membership account. This can be a great resource for tips, information, and membership support.And, yes, support is critically important. Often, when we try to lose weight on our own we can become despondent and discouraged if things do not work out for us the way we want them to. However, when you have the support of a coach, your goals will not fall by the wayside. This is what BodyBugg brings to the table and it is a huge benefit for those trying to meet their fitness goals.Losing weight is never easy but it does not have to be difficult either. A simple mix of the right plan, program, and support can ensure weight loss goals are met. This is what BodyBugg offers and that is why it is rapidly growing in popularity. Yes, the BodyBugg revolution has commenced!

Free Hoodia Samples? The Truth To Hoodia Weightloss Revealed!

Hoodia Gordonii, commonly known as “Hoodia” is a cactus which is found abundantly in Kalahari deserts and ranging from central Namibia to Southern Angola.Hoodia extracts are believed to suppress appetite, which leads to weight loss. It is said that the local desert tribes used to consume hoodia in times of food scarcity, so that their hunger is suppressed. It is safe to consume since it is completely natural product. Rather than using harsh chemicals, additives and drugs, Hoodia is a healthier option for regular consumption.Hoodia cactus is first dried, crushed, powdered and is sold as capsules. In the past years, lots of companies have introduced various forms of extracts, such as Hoodia extract liquids, Hoodia patches, etc. However, the powdered form seems to be very efficient since it is absorbed consistently by the body.Now a days, The Hoodia companies are so confident about their products, that they started offering free samples to give the consumers “the feel” of it. However, they would need to pay a small amount for shipping charges, which is mostly is less than $9.00 for express delivery.Things to consider before ordering Hoodia online:1. Make sure that the product is free from additives and drugs like ephedra or caffiene.2. Remember, use Hoodia only as a supplement. Take essential vitamins and minerals with Hoodia.3. Check whether the product carries a certificate of genuinity. 4. Always consume Hoodia BEFORE meals. Not the other way round.5. Make use of the free Hoodia trial offers so you can evaluate which formulation works for you.Hence, dont be carried away by the false promises of the Hoodia scams. There are a few genuine brands of Hoodia Products which is tested and recommended to lose weight naturally. The best part is, they provide free samples of Hoodia Pills. The Free Hoodia Samples Resource site can be found at

Get With the Program – Choosing the Right Plan For Weightloss

Trying to lose weight and keeping it off can be very difficult. So many people try – and fail. Many people can succeed with a calorie-restricted home weight-loss plan. But many do not. That’s when they turn to an organized, professional weight-loss program for help. If you find yourself in a position where you just can’t get the weight off or you are able to lose a few pounds, but it keeps coming back and then some, you should think about a commercial weight-loss program. There are many to choose from, so when you make this life-changing decision, you need to choose which program is right for you.Almost any professional program will work – but only if they can help motivate you and keep you focused so you sufficiently and properly lessen the amount of calories you consume – and burn – through their exercise and diet plan designed for you. But it can’t just be designed for you – it has to be designed “around” you. That means your program must also fit into your lifestyle and be practical for your surroundings.An at-home program that you create for yourself can also work – as long as you have the willpower to stick with it. One of the many advantages of a commercial program is that you have a major support system to help you lose weight. If you have the same type of support at home, you have a better chance of losing the weight and keeping it off.Either a do-it-yourself program or one of the professional programs must have one thing in common. It must be safe. You need to make sure that your diet allows you to get the recommended daily allowances of minerals, proteins and vitamins. The diet itself should be low in calories and include an exercise routine – and supplements if you desire. Your program should encourage slow and steady weight loss. This will make sure you don’t jeopardize your health along the way. Unless your doctor feels that a more rapid weight loss program is needed, take it slow and steady.When you approach a professional weight-loss center, make sure you ask the right questions and get the right answers. The questions you should ask include:- What is the average weight-loss success with the program?- Is the staff qualified – certified or experienced counselors and health care and dietary professionals?- What side effects, if any, do people experience?- Will your food selection be flexible and right for you?- Who sets your weight loss goals?Some of the most popular weight-loss programs – as you’ve probably seen advertised on television – are reputable and work. These include:- Atkins Diet- Jenny Craig- Nutrisystem- Weight Loss Seems Simple- Weight Watchers- The South Beach Diet- The Zone Diet- The Pritikin Principle- Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet- Overeaters AnonymousWhichever program you choose – or if you decide to do it alone – make sure that you take steps to ensure you get the vital nutrition in combination with regular exercise to lose the weight, maintain your goal weight and keep the weight from coming back.Always talk to your doctor or other medical professional before starting any new diet program.

A Weightloss Diet That Works

If you are looking for a weight loss diet that works, then you need to stay away from fad diets that are all over the Internet nowadays. Of course, spotting a worthless weight loss program is easier said that done. The trickery employed by many con artists out there are so sophisticated that it has become very difficult to set them apart from genuine weight loss plan purveyors. It is a good thing that you have stumbled in this article in your quest to find a diet plan that works. Here, you will learn tips on how to tell whether a diet plan is the real thing or not. By following the advice found in this article, you will never again be fooled by clever marketing tactics and flashy come-ons.If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. One of the first things that you should look out for when looking for a weight loss plan are over promises When a program says that it can help you lose 10 pounds in a week, you should not get excited with it. Instead, your internal warning signals should begin to sound off. Sadly, many people are willing to believe anything just for a chance to loose weight. Keep in mind that many experts believe that the healthy weight loss rate is around 2 to 5 pounds in a month. So anything beyond that is unhealthy already.If it asks you to skip meals, stay away from it. No sensible weight loss diet will ever demand that you skip a meal or fast for a long period of time. Skipping meals has been proven by many exerts as detrimental to weight loss efforts. Surely, you will loose weight if you deprive yourself of a significant amount of calories by missing a meal or two. But the effect is almost always temporary. People who have followed such a quick weight loss plan find themselves regaining the weight that they have lost in no time. Instead of fad diets, go for more sustainable ways to loose weight.The diet plan should emphasize healthy eating. The goal of a good weight loss plan is always the achievement of optimum health. Anything else is secondary. If a diet plan emphasizes the achievement of a perfect body over good health then it is not a very sound plan. How you will enjoy a good-looking body if you are unhealthy and weak? A sound diet plan always includes the modification of ones diet to accommodate more healthier stuff such as vegetables and whole wheat grain. Be wary of plans that ask followers to give up certain types of food. Deprivation rarely works and can even make you fatter. Sensible and healthy eating has always been the main feature of a good weightloss diet plan.By following the tips above, you can be sure to find a good weightloss plan that you can follow and benefit from. Stay away from quick fixes and stick to proven methods of losing weight.

The Top 5 Calorie Shifting Secrets to Faster Weight loss

If you are overweight it may be for 1 very simple reason: You’re eating the wrong foods in the wrong patterns each day. A new successful dieting concept has emerged called “Calorie Shifting”. Read on to learn the best 5 ways to harness this technique for guaranteed weight loss.#1 Understand the Calorie Shifting ConceptYour body always “attempts” to burn the exact number of calories that you eat each day. A build up of fat tissue occurs when it can’t manage to burn all the calories that have been intaken. For many people this is the prime cause of weight gain. By following special eating patterns that “trick” the body into burning more calories you can effectively cause your body to burn more fat tissue to lose Lbs.#2 Set Rational GoalsIt is important for you to manage your expectations. The more excess weight you have the more rapid your weightloss will be. If you are only slightly overweight then you may just need to lose a few pounds to become slim. If you are several pounds overweight then you should expect your rate of weightloss to be higher. Average figures quoted for good programs are around 9lbs every 11 days.#3 Follow Your Calorie Shifting Diet Regimen CloselyIf you are participating in a good calorie shifting program you should really focus on following the plans laid out for you. It is crucial to maintain your “fat burning” eating patterns to lose those pounds! Fortunately, If you get bored with the menus most good programs have diet generator tools to create a whole new meal plans to keep your motivation high!#4 Take responsibility yourselfFollow the meal plans & recipes and prepare your own meals. You are the number 1 person responsible for your success! Don’t let negative people push you off course (quite often they want to see you fail). Track your progress and give the program time to deliver results. Allow support from people genuinely interested in your success.#5 Drink plenty of waterWater provides a number of key weightloss benefits and assists the process. You should aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Water helps regulate the appetite and increases metabolism. Other advantages include boosting energy, alleviating headaches & releasing toxic waste products. Water will also improve the health of your skin.If you follow these principles with a good calorie shifting program then anybody overweight can become slim. One of the great advantages of calorie shifting is that you have a wide range of healthy foods to choose from so you won’t feel miserable. This means your chance of success is much higher!

Guaranteed Weight Loss With 10 Killer Tips

Get the best out of your weight loss program by following these 10 killer steps that will maximize your efforts and minimize your waist! Remember, if you lose weight gradually then you can be assured that the lost weight will not come back with a vengeance. Do not settle for some quick-fix plans that will only disappoint you.1. Water, Water and More water: Forget sodas and juices. Eight glasses of water a day is all you need to stay healthy and fit. Whenever you feel the urge to grab a calorie loaded soda or sugar-rich drinks resist the urge and go for a glass of cold water. Water flushes out the toxins from the body, aids muscle building and helps maintain a healthy weight.2. Eat more meals: Yes, you heard that right. If you wish to burn fat forget the traditional three-meals-per-day schedule. Large meals will burden the body’s ability to metabolize calories and store the excess into fat. Eat six small meals and cut down on snacking.3. Work out with weights: Add a weight-training program to your exercise routine to help burn excess fat. Weight training will tone your physique, strengthen your body and improve overall health. Weight training also burns calories faster than usual exercise regime and is good for the body’s metabolism.4. Increase Proteins in your food: Protein-rich foods will boost metabolism and burn fat quickly. Proteins will also help build muscle and maintain the leanness of muscles. Pick proteins that are low in fat for optimal results.5. Wisely cut Calories: It is very tempting to cut down on calories drastically. However this is not an ideal approach to weightloss. Reducing calories too quickly will lower the metabolism of the body. Gradually cut down the calories in a step-down approach and this ensures a healthy lifestyle.6. Reward yourself: Every one of us has temptations and favourite treats and we are all bound to cheat once in a while. Do not be too harsh on yourself if you succumb to a temptation. A little indulgence is better than none and giving up on the idea of weight loss altogether! In a week if you have stuck to all your regimes, allow a bar of chocolate or an ice cream as a reward for your efforts and keep yourself motivated.7. Say no to marathon workouts: One of the commonest mistake that people do while attempting weight loss is that they indulge in a marathon exercise session lasting a couple of hours. Instead attempt to break up your exercise into chunks everyday. Go for a walk in the morning, do a workout at lunch and then exercise a bit more in the evening. This has been proven to be more beneficial to the body’s metabolism rather than one long workout everyday.8. Mix up the exercises: Variety is the spice of life! Engage in a wide variety of exercises to keep your interest from waning and also to tone your body better. Do swimming one day, jogging the next and biking another day. Rotating the activities will help you to experience a variety of athletics and also keep your interest going!9. Skip the drinks: If you wish to burn fat quickly stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is loaded with calories and will add up quickly. Alcohol also robs you of essential nutrients as most often alcohol tends to reduce your normal diet. Alcohol is also known to inhibit the burning of fat and thus aids fat storage in the body.10. Go for a diet that has a low Glycaemic index: A low GI diet burns fat very quickly. If you are attempting weight loss consume more foods that are low in GI. Many of your favourite fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, grains and greens fall under this category and help your body to burn fats and calories at a quicker pace.

Kickboxing for Weightloss-Cardio-and Fitness

Kickboxing has seen an explosion in popularity over the past two decades thanks to the exposure provided by Hollywood (e.g. The Karate Kid) and late night infomercials (Mr. Billy Blanks and the Tae Bo programs). Generally the kickboxer is defined by an image of cut abs, the fitness of a marathon runner, and the balance of mind similar to a Budhist monk.Who wouldn’t want the body of a model and the strength and confidence to defend yourself in any situation? It’s easy to see why the sport has become so popularity. Given the fact that a kickboxing class
can be found in about every major gym, its popularity will only continue to increase over the next coming years.Weight LossLike it or not, most people in the US who participate in the sport of kickboxing are not doing so in attempt to protect themselves or to participate in some sort of ego boosting event. With the coordination of over 1,000 fast twitch muscles, kickboxing is one of the top ways to induce weightloss.The American Heart Association recommends that every person should participate in at least 30 minutes
of semi-intense exercise on a regular basis. Kickboxing often times requires simultaneous movement of arms and lengths and it’s this combination of movements that helps to increase metabolism and burn calories well after the workout has completed. Anytime you can get multiple body parts moving, you’re increasing your heart rate, burning carlories, and little by little, taking the inches off.CardioKicboxing is intense and the heart will begin to race within a few minutes into the workout. While you may
be out of breath for your first few sessions, don’t worry, as you keep up with the training your cardiovascular health will increase and you will become less winded each time. This is a great sign; your heart muscle is getting stronger, will beat more efficiently, and you’ll lower your risk for a whole host of diseases (heart disease, diabetes).Woman Kickboxing ClassesDespite the stereotypes that kickboxing is a primarily masculine sport, the number of women taking
cardio kickboxing classes often outnumbers the number of males taking the same classes. Female kickboxing is hip and trendy. No longer arekickboxing lessons just for the boys. Be sure to check to check with your local gym for often times there are classes that are offered specifically for female clientele.AgingThe National Institute of Health recently released a statement that exercise can boost the well being of seniors that may be at risk for losing their independence. While kickboxing probably isn’t for Grandma Mimi, it can certainly be utilized by older adults who are worried about the effects of aging. Stability, mobility and diseases such as Osteoporosis are all concerns about advanced aging, but these symtoms can be prevented through multi-joint movement sports such as kickboxing.Remember, for most people, the multimovement nature of kick boxing is what matters (not the physical agressiveness so many perceive of the sport). You want to get your body moving and keep it moving, and kickboxing classes are a great way to achive that.Kickboxing Lessons for Self-DefenseIn 2005, crime rose for the first time in the United States in over five years. There were over sixteen thousand violent crime victims in 2005. Some may attribute this to complacency towards crime but that doesn’t have to be the case.Kickboxing provides the means for learning to protect your self. But be advised; if you want to learn kickboxing for self defense you want to get the right teacher. Most of the classes taught are taught from
the perspective of improving health and not the protection of you or your loved ones. Make sure that the class you are taking is specifically for self-defense.

Simple Weightloss – How to Beat Food Cravings

All people suffer from food cravings. And what exactly is a craving? Well a craving is a terrible desire for a specific type of food, typically to satisfy one’s palate, not just to satisfy hunger. You may find your daily or weekly craving is felt for sugary sweets like candy, or chocolate. For others it may be a craving for fatty potato chips or an extra glass of beer.But, don’t fret. The occasional craving is not a problem, in fact, in some cases it is actually a positive experience. Later on, when you have been good with your eating habits you can indulge your cravings, satisfying those needs or desires as a reward for all of your hard work. The trick lies in not allowing yourself to become constantly overwhelmed by your cravings and give in too often.What lies at the heart of your cravings? You may think that your bad habits are responsible for this craving, or that you have very little will power. Although, these may be partially at fault, this doesn’t tell the whole story. Food cravings are also biologically based. In order to beat the food craving we must understand these underlying reasons.Your Reasons For Craving FoodBlood Sugar & SerotoninIf you are exhausted or feel depressed your body’s natural reason for this is low levels of blood sugar. In response your brain signals that it needs something to raise your blood sugar levels. This very natural pattern is at the base of your craving for sugar or carbohydrates. Additionally, another chemical reaction that causes your cravings involves Serotonin, our bodies’ feel-good hormone. When your body has a low level of Serotonin it tries to compensate by forcing you to ingest sugar or carbs to raise blood sugar and Serotonin levels.But carbohydrates (such as sugar) only release a short burst of serotonin, quickly fading after being ingested and digested; when Serotonin levels and blood sugar levels fall back down, the craving returns.But, there is another major reason why beating your cravings is so hard (and why they show up in the first place)!Adrenal FatigueIf you are stressed, not received a restful night sleep, or are just plain tired for no specific reason you are most likely suffering from adrenal fatigue.Adrenal Fatigue, much like the process outlined above, involves your body sending a signal to the brain for a pick-me-up and that is your craving for sugar or carbohydrate snacks, or may be, coffee during the day; at night you may look for alcohol or carbohydrates. All of this only makes the problem worse.Beating the cravingIf you appreciate the basic reasons for the craving, then beating the food craving can be done. It may take a little time but it can be done. To break food cravings, the body needs healthy foods, additional nutritional supplements at times; this and moderate exercise can help curb cravings. This process may take some time, but you will succeed.

Achieved Your Target Weightloss With Medifast? Is That It?

The Medifast Program has let you reach your target weight and you are wondering what needs to be done to keep the weight off? Firstly, enjoy the moment; shout yourself to the movies or take a trip somewhere as a reward; then read this article for some handy tips and frequently asked questions.The first question that gets asked is if a dieter should stop buying the shakes and substitutes they are on now now and make a clean break from the Medifast program? I simply tell them that whatever they do, do not suddenly stop taking the shakes and supplements. You need to slowly transition your body from this diet to normal healthy eating.Next they ask if I could explain what the transition phase is and what it means to successful weight loss? The transition phase is the process of slowly working your body off the shakes and supplements and getting used to eating regular food.A very common question I get asked and one that effects many people is what do you look for when you are buying food now? Well, you don’t want to start eating rubbish. Avoid food that is high in fat, sugar, and energy. Use your bad experience as a positive and avoid all the nasties that you used to crave. If you replace your Medifast shakes and supplements with real substitutes you will be well on track. Fruit and veggies is a good place to start.Many people want to know if I have other tips they can do to make the whole process a lot less painful? The best advice I can give is that you should look at doing some exercise. Exercise is the best way to remain fit and healthy and to make sure you don’t put the excess weight back on.The best place to start is closer and easier than what you might think. Walking is a great low impact exercise that perfectly suits people coming off an extreme diet. You will find it is very enjoyable if you go walking with a friend or your dog each day or night at regular times.When you mention exercise many as about whether a weights routine is good for weight loss? Not everyone knows but muscle is a great fat burner with the way it boosts metabolism and a weights routine is the best way to increase your muscle mass. There is a huge range of exercises to choose from if you don’t have the equipment too. Just have a search for dynamic tension.Hopefully these have answered some of your questions regarding what to do after you have succeeded with the Medifast program. If you still have questions then contact your local Medifast specialist or have a talk to your GP. They will have a lot of information to share regarding diets.