WeightLoss – OMG – I’ve Hit A Plateau!

So your into the second or third month into your program and you’ve been following the plan rigidly, ok, so you may have skipped a few meals or over indulged a couple of takeaway days, but on the whole your exercising routine has been stable. So why are you not losing the weight? A couple of answers here for you: a) your body has gotten used to the level of calories and exercise and energy levels needed on a day to day basis.b) your not drinking enough water – water is really important for weight loss, it helps to break down fat, and also to get rid of toxins in the body from exercise and from pollution.c) your not eating the right amount of calories – as you lose weight, you need to adjust the number of calories you need.So how do you get over this plataeu?Well every third to fourth week you should be changing your diet program or exercise program either eat less and do more exercise, or do more exercise and eat at different times, different levels of calories. This will confuse the body, and will release more energy (fat) as it needs it, then the weight will start to come off. Consult with your nutritionist or GP for further advise on this.Drink lots and lots of water where possible, as this helps on a number of different levels. The body is made up of 90% water, and therefore it is an essential ingredient for us. Not only does it help with cleansing the digestive system and the blood, it improves circulation of the blood, increases our oxygen intake and breaksdown fat in the body and flushes it out…A fateful error of most dieters is to remain on the same level of calories all the way throughout their diet plan.What you have to remember is when you begin to lose weight, you have to adjust the number of calories you ingest. I would say on a monthly basis, this needs to happen. Refer to your nutritionist for further advise on how far to adjust your calorie intake.Also important is to put more exercise into your routine whenever you hit a plateau, this will kick start the old fat reserves and produce more energy which will not only take off the inches and pounds but give you more vigour and energy also.To your weightloss success…Colette Morris SAC Dipl. (Diet &Nutrition)

Oxyelite Pro – The New Weightloss Supplement

Due to the overwhelming amount of overweight people in the US, and all over the world, fat loss and fat burning supplements have become very popular.Many of these supplements do nothing more than a soda with caffeine might do for you, and sometimes they don’t even do that. One of the latest supplements to hit the market is called OxyElite Pro.Unlike some of the other fat burners, OxyElite Pro does not cause you to burn muscle while you’re taking it, which is important since retaining muscle mass is a sure way to help you burn more fat while you are resting. Reviews have come in all over the internet stating how OEP is great in its steady way of keeping the mood elevated while adding a constant flow of energy to the body. It also has a thermogenic effect, a slight warming of the body temperature which also helps to lose fat.Many fat burners have a tendency to lose their effect after a few days or weeks, leaving the person who is using them with a nearly full bottle of pills, powders, or liquids that are no longer working. They would have to “cycle off” of their fat burners for days or weeks, in order for their body to not be used to their fat burners anymore. OEP continues to work after weeks of use, never allowing the body to become accustomed to it’s properties. This makes it an excellent choice for both long term and short term fat loss goals.

How I Improved My Weightloss With Kickboxing Combinations

As you read this, imagine how it feels to lose 20 pounds.
My clothes no longer fit, and I got a whole new wardrobe. I
have tremendous energy compared to how I used to feel. In
the middle of the day I don’t feel like I need a nap. I
sleep less but much more soundly. I feel so lucky to have
walked into my gym 4 months ago.Practicing martial arts has changed my body and my entire
life. I had let work and stress take its toll. I had way
too much body fat and my doctor told me every year I was
losing 2-3 pounds of muscle from sitting at a desk and
never exercising. I started slow doing cross-trainingI took a little bit of karate, and found kickboxing to be
what I really enjoyed right off the bat. My cardio went
through the roof and the pounds of blubber started to
drop when I began a style of aerobic kickboxing that did
a lot of kickboxing combinations. Imagine how much energy
it takes to throw a 4 punch combination followed by a kick.
You can practically feel the calories being incinerated!For those people who know and care about who need to lose
weight or get in shape, encourage them to check out martial
arts. I had a membership at a traditional workout gym. It
was stuffed with little skinny chicks reading a magazine as
they did 4 inch reps on the stairmaster. There were guys
in their forties walking around in pyjama-style pants and
tank tops from the eighties. They’d crank out 10 reps of
curls with terrible form, then go to the mirror and flex
their guns and spread their lats. Oh boy what fun to hang
around that place.I find the dojo has a much more inclusive atmosphere. At
the health club no body spoke. I’d walk the treadmill and
stare at the tv screen with the rest of the bored sheep,
counting the minutes until we could leave. Not at the
martial arts gym. Teamwork, comraderie, and support is
everywhere. My motivation to train is higher than I can
ever remember. It’s made all the difference!

3 Weightloss Myths That Will Stop You From Burning Belly Fat

It seems everyday there comes along a new fad diet offering the hope of melting fat off your body like magic. While the fads and trends come and go some myths about weight loss have had an amazing ability to endure. I call them the myths of weightloss.The first myth of weightloss is that herbal pills and drinks are safe and effective. Let’s be clear, just because a product is “herbal” does not mean it is safe or effective. For crying out loud, marijuana and opium are herbal and neither is legal or safe. There is a good reason why ephedra was pulled off the shelf, a lot of people were experiencing high pulse rates, high blood pressure and many were experiencing much worse. Be very careful about what you put in your body there is a good chance it is not safe and a better chance it will not help you with your weightloss goals.The second myth is that starches are fattening and should be avoided like the plague. Starches comprise foods such as bread, rice, beans, pasta, cereal, fruits and some vegetables. Starches can be a great source of energy and only become problematic when eaten in huge quantities and/or covered with sauces and sugars. It’s usually the butter, sour cream, mayonnaise and other condiments that pose the calorie dense weightloss disaster. So feel free to eat starches especially if they are not over processed with most of the natural fiber removed.The third myth is that high protein diets are a healthy way to burn fat. Getting most of your caloric intake from eggs, dairy products and meat is not a healthy lifestyle. I’m not advocating a vegan lifestyle but meats and dairy should be a small portion of your diet not the mainstay. High protein diets can cause dangerous levels of ketones and uric acid not to mention the cholesterol issues. Moderation is the key so enjoy animal products in small portions.

Trash those “Miracle” Dieting and Weightloss Products and Programs!

Are you the type of person who checks out those five-minute infomercials on the telly featuring a “miracle” soap and a before and after girl? Do you also immediately dial the numbers on the screen to order the featured product (and supposedly avail of a mega discount)? You’ve probably tried every dieting and weightloss magic pills, potions, diets, creams, exercise gadgets, and what-nots that all yielded absolutely nada effect. The problem areas (read: bulging belly, flabby arms, and double chin) are still very much out for the world to see. You long to don sexy and figure-hugging tops and jeans, and two-piece swimsuits in the summer, but have to opt for hideous long-sleeved tops and baggy denims that make you look extremely lousy. Well, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that dieting and weightloss products and programs that promise instant results are hundred percent duds.For years, dieting and weightloss experts tried to convince people with weight issues to concentrate on healthy lifestyle and forget “miracle” products and programs. While there are nutritionists and diet gurus who encourage weight-loss programs like South Beach diet and Atkin’s diet, some experts advice clients to subscribe to natural and risk-free alternatives. Specific diet plans are fast gaining a huge following, but this isn’t to say they’re effective. Low-carbohydrate Atkins diet, for example, is blamed for the poor mental performance and weaker immune system of its followers. Atkins enthusiasts believe low carb daily intake, which is estimated at 20 grams or less, is the key to slim or whistle-bait figure. The downside is that there are less carb stored in the liver that eventually translates to that distinct “lazy” feel. A diet with insufficient carb also restricts the production of lymphocyte, which helps the body fight infections. Even the seemingly perfect and utterly promising diet programs are not fool-proof. In the end, it’s still best to stick to a slowly-but-surely healthy lifestyle that cannot only erase bulges (though definitely not in a blink of an eye) but also improve health in general.People who have weight problems should remember that not all diets are to be avoided. Though they have to stay away from crash diets and the like, they have to keep in mind healthy dieting and weightloss teach them the value of discipline and choice of the right kind of food. Crash dieting often places food in a bad light, something to be ingested in minimum. But in fact, food (even for the overweight and obese) is an ally. Just make sure to eat a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. This advice may sound archaic but nothing can be more true than this reality. Even if dieting and weightloss products and programs continue to increase and become much more modernized, nothing beats the benefits one can get from following a healthy lifestyle.

Proven Weightloss Supplements That Work

The battle of the bulge is set to be the foremost health concern in the 21st century. Everyday newer diets and newer pills are hitting the pharmacies and supermarkets all over the world. Some proven and some with no scientific backing. People are wasting their money trying to look for the right diet and right weightloss medicine that would help them lose inches and pounds. But beware of these fad diets and designer drugs. They are more harmful than beneficial.What exactly does WORK for weightloss? This has been a question that has been posed to me as a practicing medical doctor by several of my patients. I analyzed several diets and medications and came to the conclusion that an all-natural weightloss program should essentially include 4 major natural supplements: A multivitamin pill daily, Green Tea extract, a Calcium/Vitamin D pill and a capsule containing fish oils. These natural supplements, taken in combination, help a person to shed pounds with no adverse effects at all.Multivitamins: Most people aiming at weightloss do decrease their calorie intake by reducing the amount of carbohydrates in their diets. Vegetables, fruits and grains are the major source for vitamins, phytochemicals, flavonoids, minerals and anti-oxidants and a decrease in carbohydrate intake can reduce the availability of these nutrients. So do not forget a multivitamin pill everyday.Calcium/Vitamin D pill: Calcium and Vitamin D in combination are essential to maintain healthy bones thus preventing Osteoporosis, help lose weight, decrease blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health.Fish-oil pills: Fish are rich in Poly-unsaturated fatty acids called as Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels. 600 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per day should be ideal and this can be obtained by consuming a single capsule of fish oil every day.Green Tea extract: The benefits of Green Tea are legendary. Green tea is rich in phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. Green tea boosts metabolism, reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Green tea is known to help ‘burn’ fat reserves and promote weight loss. The ideal ‘dose’ of green tea is four cups per day. If this is too much then 500 mg of the standardized green tea extract is commercially available and can be taken once daily.Take a combination of these 4 natural supplements and keep yourself fit and in shape. And do remember to stay away from fad diets and dangerous designer drugs.

Eat The Right Foods If You Want To Stay In Shape

It can’t be said enough, eating the right foods is the best way to lose weight. Forget about starving yourself, that’s not going to work. And those weightloss food programs? They are expensive and a lot of those diet foods are actually not that good for you. But if you’re set on losing the weight by signing up with one of those home-delivery weightloss programs, make sure you research the ingredients. You don’t want to ingest foods that are loaded down with chemicals and preservatives. I’m not really sure how close to organic foods you get with these weightloss program diets. Knowledge is power, so do some research on just how healthy these food programs are before signing up. Ok? You want your food to be as natural and/or organic as possible. It boils down to developing a healthy food intake, a commitment to yourself, and staying clear of the wicked-whites, sugar, salt and flour. Did you know when we ingest too much sugar it breaks down the elastin in the skin, especially after age 35. Sugar reacts to our collagen and elastin in negative ways which will make us look older. Something to think about the next time you want to add sugar to your food.Choose healthy sugar substitutes like, Truvia, Stevia and ZSweet. These all natural sweeteners is nature’s answer to those seeking a great tasting alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. The way we prepare food carries a big factor in whether you’ll keep excess weight off too. Frying is a BIG no-no. The reactions in foods when they are fried can effect our health plus the coatings people usually dip their foods in before frying may taste really good but it’s not really good for our bodies. Consider baking, broiling or boiling the foods you usually fry. You’ll feel healthier for it and have a better check up next time. If you’re not sure whether you have a thyroid problem check with your doctor, this can lead to weight gain if not kept under control. Otherwise there’s no reason you can’t keep a healthy weight by following these suggestions. As you get more familiar with what to eat and what not to eat, it’ll become like second nature for you to choose the good-for-you-foods. It’s not that hard once you’ve made up your mind, but you’re going to have to want to participate in your life for this to work.That’s right. If you change to eating healthy, first learn about those foods that burn fat, increases the metabolism. Foods that help prevent diseases. Don’t eat fried foods. Eat brightly colored veggies and fruits. Stop eating at those fast food restaurants. Commit to an exercise routine, you won’t only add years to your life span, you’ll add healthy years. Of course this is not an easy task. So start with changing how you see yourself. Learn to love and respect yourself. It’s also a good idea to keep a journal about yourself and to reference back to it. When I look at myself in the mirror, which I’m not particularly fond of doing, I see that I need to keep working at my body. I know I have a few more pounds to lose. I’m not bathing suit ready. LOL. But the difference is my attitude about myself has changed. I no longer look away in discouragement or disgust. I look and see improvement, some weight loss, I feel balanced and I smile. I tell myself I’m doing good, I’m feeling better about me, and that’s what I hold on to, that keeps me motivated. Oh and if I were you, get into the habit of not using the bathroom scale (unless advised to do so by your doctor.) As you get into exercising regularly you’ll start to build muscle, muscle weighs more than fat.So if you step on the scale and you’ve gained instead of lost or you haven’t lost what you thought you should have but you’ve been working your food program and exercising regularly, don’t despair. As your routine gets more involved and your body starts to respond to your new lifestyle, you’ll see the changes in your body. It won’t happen overnight, but it does come. Without a doubt, your body will change you will lose that excess weight. But remember, be fair to yourself, don’t have unrealistic expectations about how long a period of time it should take. Experience shows when we commit to ourselves and we are determined to achieve what we have set out to do, things have a way of working in our favor. Persistence stamps out Impatience. So what ever you do, don’t stop. It’s when things seem their toughest that we must not give up. Enjoy the day!Winning The Weightloss Battle Free DownloadCopyright (c) 2011. Eat The Right Foods If You Want To Stay In Shape. Written by Sherrie Vitello All Rights Reserved.

Extreme Fast Weightloss Solutions – Do They Really Work?

Apparently, people want to get thin, and they want to get thin NOW. This is the reason why there are so many extreme fast weightloss solutions being touted about in the World Wide Web and beyond. Most of these products are herbal remedies that advertise themselves as extreme fat burners, “guaranteed” to burn off layers of excess adipose tissues. Others are cream-like, or clear liquid preparations that could be applied on the skin that should penetrate through the epidermis and melt away trouble areas (especially handy if your trouble areas are relegated to one or two body parts only.) And others still are stronger medications that are supposed to speed up your metabolism, helping you burn off unwanted calories even when you rest. In any case, with so many extreme fast weightloss solutions to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the promises of instant thinness. But do they really work?The truth is: these extreme fast weightloss solutions do work… sometimes and only for a certain group of people. More often than not, they don’t. Here’s why:People are built differently – from the inside and out. The same way that your brown hair is not the same shade as your neighbor’s brown hair; people have varying internal constitutions and outward appearances. This means that your metabolism differs greatly from all the other people in this planet. The time it takes for you to shed off excess adipose tissue is also unique, as with what kind of food makes you gain weight fast.Over-the-counter extreme fast weightloss solutions are basically generalized preparations created to aid specific groups of people with specific problems. For example, herbal remedies for fat burning works well with people who respond to herbal remedies, who sheds fat with ease, and who do have fats to burn in the first place. Anyone else who falls short of these 3 categories will most likely find themselves on the shorter end of the weight loss stick.The cream-like or clear liquid extreme fast weightloss solutions might work for a few people, especially those who do not have sensitive skin; who can tolerate skin applications of this kind; and who wants to trim off only one or two parts of their bodies, like flabby arms or jiggling thighs. The stronger medications for metabolic aid, is only applicable to people who respond well to strong preparations, and who have no problem with drastic internal bodily changes.Besides, according to health experts and medical professionals, extreme fast weightloss solutions are usually not safe to try on your own. Losing too much weight in a very short amount of time is bound to lead to other health concerns like failing internal organs or suffering from the effects of mineral and vitamin deprivation. In short, the body literally shuts down due to starvation.This is primarily the reason why safe weight loss program is usually deigned specifically for one person alone, taking account of the person’s specific medical and nutritional needs and capabilities. Admittedly, this kind of weight loss program does take a longer time to complete, but the results are more permanent and safer to continue in the end.

The Fasting Month of Ramadhan – Keeping your Fitness Levels and Physique In Check

I’ve been asked many times over the past few weeks on the so called ‘dilemma’ of sticking to an exercise program/routine during the month of Ramadhan. For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, Ramadhan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar and the entire month is spent fasting from dawn to dusk, by Muslims all over the world. Now, if you’re seriously into keeping fit, exercising, and weight training especially, you would know how important your meals are.. and therefore the ‘dilemma’. Many fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders especially, go through a tough time this month because of the fear and reality of losing precious muscle mass because they’re not able to eat as efficiently as they should.To Muslims out there.. while I read that there are many spiritual benefits to fasting during Ramadhan, I think that this is also a perfect time to exercise/practise your skills of ‘mind over matter’ by being in control of the body’s hunger and appetite. Not easy, I know.. but I believe that a healthy soul/spirit can only help rejuvenate the body, and not bring harm. So, with this positive mindset of ‘improvement’ in mind, here are my thoughts on keeping your fitness levels in check during the fasting month of Ramadhan.Ramadhan is definitely not about losing weight, but weightloss can be a strong indication of whether you are fasting properly. I’ve heard of people who try to take the opportunity of this month to lose weight.. and although possible, I honestly believe that you’ll have a better success rate and more effective/productive weightloss if you were to attempt it while youre not fasting. I’ve also heard stories of people who end up gaining weight in Ramadhan.. now how do you let that happen? Geez..What sort of fasting is it if you are eating the same amount/quantity in calories, than what you would be eating on any other day?You can easily use this calculator, (the Basal Metabolic Rate & the Harris Benedict Equation on the page) to roughly determine how many calories you burn a day :Now let’s say that you end up with a daily calorie requirement of 1950 calories. When you eat less than 1950 calories per day, you WILL lose weight. When you eat more than 1950 calories, you WILL gain weight. The overall law of nature does not change : you need to eat less than what you need, to lose weight. Simple.When people fast, most people would be reducing their calories by the mere fact that they have only 4-5 hours to consume food, and they are unable to make up all the calories they would have eaten if they were capable of eating the full time that they were awake.However, what I believe can be common among those who fast today is that there is a tendency for people to gorge themselves with fried foods which contain huge amounts of calories as the person tries to ‘make up’ for any missed calories in those few short hours.Ask yourself right now.. are you going over your maintenance numbers or not? One obvious way to determine this without even having to whip out your calculator is if you are rubbing/patting your belly and having to loosen your belt after a meal.. you have obviously overeaten. Duhh!Also, during the beginning of a long fasting period, you may lose a lot of water (which is natural), and therefore important to keep in mind that this is not an excuse to only stuff your face with more food just because your weighing scale tells you that you are lighter… because you haven’t lost any actual fat yet. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose one pound, and if you spread this out, that means if you eat 500 calories less than the maintenance you calculated above, you will lose one pound of body tissue in that week.Notice that I said body tissue, and not bodyfat. This is because when your body begins digesting itself, it rarely distinguishes between fat and muscle. This is also known as muscle catabolism, which is the breakdown of muscle mass as a result of injury/immobilisation or poor dieting techniques. If you’ve ever been admitted/bedridden in the hospital for over a week.. you’ll know what I’m talking about.You would be surprised to know that muscle is something your body desires to get rid of. Biologically speaking, its active tissue and it requires constant food and attention from your body to keep muscle tissue alive… in other words.. its quite a ‘hassle’ for your body to preserve muscle tissue, and your body would rather get rid of muscle than consume its own fat (which sits comfortably on your stomach or thighs or – insert problem fatty area here:_________… hehe – requiring very very little attention).So here, once again, ‘reckless fasting’ for an extended period of time affects your body because relaxing too much, sleeping all day, and being lazy through most of the day when fasting really worsens muscle loss.To maintain your physique and gains in a healthy manner, you simply need to send a signal to your body that the muscle you carry is NEEDED, and that signal is sent by remaining active. Yes, in other words, if you’re a fitness enthusiast who wants to preserve your precious muscle mass during the fasting month.. you need to do some exercise at least. If you have a desk job, there is no need to go to extremes, but perhaps try some pushups, chin ups, or lift a few weights to send a ‘signal’ to your body that the muscle you’re carrying.. is NEEDED.For the hardcore bodybuilder and the fitness enthusiast who wants to keep his/her physique in check, this means that while you won’t be able to pack on any serious muscle mass or make any outstanding progress towards your goals, you will be able to MAINTAIN most of what you have gained so far. So use this month of fasting to get comfortable with your body, your food intake, and hopefully, though not 100 percent – you’ll be able to maintain your fitness level at where it is today. Once the fasting month is over… then, you can go all out once again. Hitting the gym hard the day fasting is over may be a bit dissappointing as you will notice that you wont be in top form.. but it will only be a matter of days before your muscle memory kicks in, and you’ll be exactly where you last stopped.How do I maintain a basic/maintenance-type exercise routine during the fasting month? I’d like to point you to a write up found in this month’s newsletter at Fitness First, which can also be read at their website.Some points that I personally feel is great advice is: – Group Exercise classes as are a great way to stay motivated even when your schedule is not flexible. – If you can only fit a 45-minute workout into your busy Ramadhan schedule, then make it a concentrated 45 minutes.So people.. don’t get lazy, or discouraged because it’s the fasting month. Get smart, get active – and stay just the way you are. Happy fasting

Power Walking Weightloss

Power walking is a high-intensity workout that gets your heart pumping and helps increase energy levels and boost metabolism. It is a great alternative for those who don’t like running, and it has less of a negative impact on your joints. Furthermore, power walking, or fitness walking as it is referred to in some circles, is a healthy fitness activity that can burn almost the same amount of calories as running, if done correctly.Before you set off on a power or fitness walk, you must realize that it is not a leisurely stroll through the park. This is a high-endurance activity that requires proper technique and skill. Otherwise, injury is prone to occur. Because it may take your body some time to adjust to these fast-paced workouts, here are a few things about power-walking that people should learn before venturing out for the first time. Follow these tips on power-walking do’s and don’ts and you will be a power walking pro in no time.Posture:
A good walker should always have excellent posture. Power walkers should always be sure to keep your head up, your back straight and body stream lined. Poor posture can lead to injury and can decrease your ability to power-walk most effectively.Don’t
With good posture, obvious positions like hunched shoulders, bent backs and tilted necks should be avoided. If you’re questioning whether your posture is accurate, then practicing in a mirror before you hit the open road is a good idea to ensure precision.Breathing:
When doing any form of exercise, it is important that your blood is getting enough oxygen for energy. Breathing naturally and taking deep breaths will help increase the oxygen levels in your blood. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for the most effective technique.Don’t
While practicing your breathing, it is important that you don’t get out of breath. Your walking should be at a pace where breathing is rapid, but you are not short of breath or have any difficulty in breathing. If you do find yourself becoming short of breath, slow your pace, or even take a seat until you have regained a normal breathing pace.Form:
An experienced power walker knows how important form is. You should always keep your abs and buttocks tight and tilt your pelvic area slightly in front of you. This technique helps tone those targeted areas while providing a high-cardio, endurance workout.Don’t
The exact opposite of this form would be to keep your body loose. Don’t do it. Keeping your body loose doesn’t help in building muscle and won’t help you master the proper power walking form and technique.Stride/Pace:
Keep a steady stride. If you want to move faster, take quick small steps. Keep your head straight and maintain a steady gaze in front of you at all times.Don’t
It is important not to over stride. Avoid long strides that will negatively affect your workout, and don’t move your arms too aggressively during your walk.